Operation & maintenance

Long-term partnership-based
management of your asset

PV Eurosolution provides O&M service for all its PV projects, securing efficient operation through regular maintenance and fast on-site interventions in case of plant faults through remote monitoring and assistance. All the activities are based on the internal SCADA-control system.

Performance Services:
forward-thinking through the Big Data


PV Eurosolution uses the SCADA-control system to monitor and analyze the pv plants efficiency remotely. Paired with the IT-supported asset management, PV Eurosolution can plan all the maintenance activities in a smart and precise way, guaranteeing the forward-thinking feature of its projects.

Hereby the main services:  
  • Client’s personalized assistance
  • Remote monitoring and faults identification 
  • Performance and optimization analysis
  • Warranty extension support 
  • Detailed reporting
  • Key factor performance analysis
  • Regular yearly maintenance 
  • Regular yearly inspection

Our solutions are as long-lasting as our commitment to our clients

Innovation, sustainability and reliability are the values behind our fifteen years of international experience and a built-systems track record of <2GW. < 2GW.
But even more it’s about esteem and values our clients see in our team members, empowering even more our mission.